JazzClassique Duo

Something of a return to the beginning of my career with flute and guitar duo — only this time I am the guitarist. Again, this is 3rd-stream music, which is classical music fused with a jazz, latin, or pop feel (and vice-versa).

Although, it is serious music that can be performed in a concert setting, it is sought after for relaxed casuals, weddings, and background music at eateries and hotel lounges.

  • Kevin Cornwall: guitar, vocal
  • Mike Rybak: flute
  • Arrangements: Kevin Cornwall
JazzClassique Duo - Demo

JazzClassique Solo

As the last project of my musical career, I felt that my chops on finger-style classical guitar were strong enough to perform solo.

One great memory was a wedding in the modernist sculpture garden of the San Diego Art Museum in Balboa park. Modern art is something I have studied and appreciate.

The songlist here is light classical, 3rd-stream (classical-fusion), jazz, and pop.

  • Kevin Cornwall: guitar
  • Arrangements: Kevin Cornwall
JazzClassique - Solo Guitar - Demo
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JazzClassique "Album"

This is a quick, low-tech project I put together one Christmas, in the course of getting material together for the project. Besides documenting the written arrangements, it resulted in a modest tape for family and friends. I'm playing a mic'd acoustic guitar and over-dubbing myself on woodwinds — all first takes. Sadly, the over-dubbing caused the resolution of the guitar to be sub-par.

Still, the recording nicely captures the quality of my flute playing (even though I hadn't been active on it for a few years, at this point).

With these additional songs, you can get a better idea of the scope of my approach to 3rd-stream re-harmonizing and restyling.

  • Kevin Cornwall: flute, soprano saxophone, guitar
  • Arrangements: Kevin Cornwall
* The following were adapted from arrangements by
  • Claus Ogerman: Pavane, Blue Interlude
  • Lalo Schiffrin: Old Laces (Fantasy)
  • Tom Jobim: How Insensitive / Chopin Prelude No 24)
  • Don Sebesky: Song to a Seagull
JazzClassique - Album