Terra Nova Duo

At the end of the Terra Nova period, as live music venues began to dry up with tighter budgets and DJs just starting to make the scene, I established Terra Nova as a Duo. I sequenced backing tracks — leaving room for live vocals, guitar, keys, and woodwinds.

Besides the economic advantages, from the time spent sequencing the backing parts, I learned how songs are arranged and produced in minute detail.

  • Kevin Jay (Kevin Cornwall): vocals, guitars, saxes, flute, sequences
  • Leslie Allyn (Leslie Banach): vocals, keyboards
  • No over-dubs - straight to 4-track
Terra Nova Duo - Demo

Terra Nova - Live at Elario's

Final version of the group

Terra Nova set list
Selected lead sheets

I'd always dreamed of playing Elario's Bistro, San Diego's premiere jazz club. I watched many big names perform there. Elario's also occasionally showcased local groups. At a time of transitioning away from live music, they were looking for a more contemporary format and hired us for a weekend. It wasn't quite the jazz venue it had been, but you can believe I stretched out the solos.

This recording was made with an inexpensive stereo microphone direct to a home tape deck. As with any ambient, live recording, there are balance and distortion issues. Still, it's nice to hear full versions of these tunes, playing at our peak, and reminds just how much this group achieved by way of mastering a wide variety of styles.

A note about equipment. This project required substantial physical dedication. For every gig, I transported, set up, and tore down: 4 woodwinds, two guitars, guitar effects unit (plugged straight into the mixing board - I did not lug a guitar amp), two microphones and stands, and the 3.5 foot gig rack with mixer, effects and main amps. The keyboardist brought the stage speakers, speaker stands, and monitors.

  • Playlist is in the order of performance
  • Kevin Jay (Kevin Cornwall): vocals, guitars, saxes, flute, agogĂ´
  • Leslie Allyn (Leslie Banach): vocals, keyboard
  • Ken Dow: electric stand-up and fretless bass
  • Jordan Dalrymple: drums
  • Majida: percussion
  • This was the longest running and final makeup of the group.
Terra Nova

Terra Nova

2nd version of the group

Another Terra Nova set list

Terra Nova, as a band, went through 3 complete incarnations - (not including a 4th, four-piece group, that traveled to Taiwan). When asked by a departing bassist why I kept at it, my reply was, "I don't have anything better to do." Another way of saying, "What can be more worthwhile doing than pursuing your dreams?"

This line-up never performed live. It was reformed for the 3rd time only a few weeks after this demo was cut. The guitarist from Jazz Thieves, who I kept in touch with, had a home studio where this was recorded. (Suffice it to say that we were learning.)

The songs here represent an early set list and early sound (we got better, see above) that was regularly refreshed with material from current radio playlists over the few years of the project.

  • Kevin Jay (Kevin Cornwall): vocals, guitars, saxes, flute
  • Jackie Carpenter: vocals, keyboards
  • Craig Kleinman: fretless bass
  • Chris Beers: drums
  • Majida: percussion
Terra Nova - Demo