Tropical Jazz Duo - Live

The view from the "bandstand"

These songs were recorded live at a resort in Baja California where we took up summer residence for two seasons. We performed outdoors standing on some pyramid-like steps that formed an amphitheater overlooking the pool and grounds of the resort. You can hear the noise of the wind from the ocean in the microphones.

The whole place was situated on a cliff that featured a truly magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. Good memories playing swaying music as the sun dipped into the sea in late afternoon.

In addition to soloing, my role was to provide "instant arrangements," in other words, I improvised a kind of backing orchestration to the vocals on the spot.

  • Paul Montesanno: vocals, guitar, drum machine programming
  • Kevin Cornwall: saxes, flute
  • The sound was typical of the early days of electronic music, chorus on everything and a drum machine.
Tropical Jazz Duo