Audience of One

urban still life

Cascades of willow leaves shiver down the bank,
sweeping the green water with the wind.

To pollen-swollen leaf blossoms a yellow wasp
flies, upside-down, under a frozen, orange dragonfly.

On the surface an inverted rain of minnows
rings the water the blown trees have chummed.

Two grotesquely rouged slider turtles extrude
their heads like twin tips of a sunken branch.

A chagrined rock rat scurries up, wet,
having failed to retrieve the floating carcass

of a dead carp—so the small fish
and turtles go back to mincing it.

Overhead, the toupeed sparrows swoop and twitter,
noting the flat, gray backdrop of buildings.

I never brought you here.
In the midst of this great city,

just a short walk beyond the iron-work gate,
our love crumbled and we parted ways.

The people here enjoy their little lake park
as they walk the circumferential paths.

Kevin Cornwall © All rights reserved.

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