Audience of One

mu chi paints persimmons

         It's a matter of educating the eye
     to follow the
                       continuous movement of mind
         not through thought
                                             but in fact of essence
         	        by its traces
                                        where the hand touches
            down on the aching white paper
               	         more like life than
     in that where one
                                    brushes once intentionally
              or not
                         clumsily or surely
                   with too much ink
                                                or too little
                             or water or pressure
these are the basics 
                          to the trained eye
          even the merest lapse of
                            in a hesitation or
               hurry of the hand
                                            an inauthenticity
        and the stroke
                          not only the one which
                        the page
	  In this the inner life
				     like the path
			     of subtlest tissue
                                    a Buddhist 									
                                                priest must tread
               with feet wet yet
                                  leave no scuff
       can't be contrived
                   or painted out

Kevin Cornwall © All rights reserved.

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